Volunteer Reader Review

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

Medicine Walk had my undivided attention from the first page. This novel is about a father (Eldon) and son (Frank), who try to make a connection with each other during the last few days of Eldon’s life. Eldon, an alcoholic and an absentee father, feels compelled to explain to his son why his like took the direction it did. The great reveal takes place in a majestic outdoor setting.

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

Throughout this novel the author describes beautifully the wilderness and the impact it has on Frank’s life and well being. The words were so powerful I wanted to jump into my vehicle and heads to the hills to enjoy the peace and quiet that Richard leads me to believe is there. Far from the oasis spa bathrooms that all of us seem to have in our homes today.

The author does an outstanding job in capturing the emotions of all the characters in the story, in particular Frank’s. Frank’s feelings for his father are like a roller coaster ride, and for good reason. No one appreciates broken promises and abandonment. In the end questions are answered and lives are at peace.

This novel delves into the complexities of relationships and the impact events in one’s life can have on those relationships, both good and bad. It also draws awareness to the healing power of nature and its beauty which is freely available for all of us to enjoy.

Reviewed by: Petra Mandock


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