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A Fish Named Glub by Dan Bar-El

A Fish Named Glub, written by Dan Bar-El and illustrated by Josèe Bisaillon, is a picture book suitable for young readers who are in grade 1-3. The colourful pictures are simple and attractive. They also complement the story, making it easier to understand. Although the language used in this storybook is appropriate for young readers, adults will also enjoy the theme of this story. The story essentially focuses on the pursuit of happiness, which is a universal theme that many individuals can relate to. An old diner is the setting of the story, which is a common place for a lot of people. Such setting would naturally bring back memories for many readers.

A Fish Named Glub by Dan Bar-El

A Fish Named Glub by Dan Bar-El

This diner, like many in real life, serves customers from all walks of life. Yet, in such a busy environment, Glub (the fish) and Foster (the staff who adopted Glub) continue to feel they are in a state of loneliness. The two begin to reflect on the purpose of life by thinking about the past and future. The story progresses as the two discover their identities by offering customers dreams and visions. The fish is suddenly cherished because miracles happen when customers put their hands in the fishbowl. Throughout everyone’s discovery process, Glub and Foster also begin to realize their life purpose.

The story ultimately focuses on what it means to be a happy living being. It is a worthwhile read as it challenges readers to reflect on the fundamental value of life.

Reviewed by Annet Chu



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