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The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

This book was spellbinding as the story unfolded. The subject matter was not that unusual, but a supernatural quality about this tale compels the reader to continue. There are many twists and turns in the storyline and just as you think there are no further corners to turn, the author reveals another clue that ultimately leads to the story’s resolution.

I believe the author was attempting to present a gripping psychological thriller, and in my opinion, achieves this goal. Tom Rob Smith drops so many hints and circumstances along the way, which prompt the reader to speculate on their significance to the conclusion of the story.

Anyone interested in mystery and family dynamics would likely enjoy this book. I found it impossible to put down, and any booklover looking for a riveting read would also enjoy this book. The decision to include trolls in the storyline was most effective because, as children, most of us have encountered stories of trolls which were entertaining but more than a little bit scary. The narrative was so detailed and intricate that I found I often vacillated between believing and not believing it all the way through.

I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends, and will also be reading his previous work, the Child 44 Trilogy.

Reviewed by Pat Hodge


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