Ho Ho Holy Cow these are Great Books!

‘Tis the season for holiday book lists, staff favourites, and end of year summaries. This blog post will be no different, so if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, just close your browser window now. I should also mention, if you haven’t filled out our WordFest Survey, now’s the time to do it.

Everett’s post from a few days ago  has inspired our staff. We’ve created a special holiday e-card that will include some WordFest book recommendations for those who are interested in doing a little reading during those statutory holidays we’re all looking forward to. Personally, I hope to do a ton of reading in the next few weeks, so I can hit my 80 books/year goal that I reached in 2011. You’ll have my book list of what I read in 2012 to look forward to upon my return in January (which I know everyone’s just dying to see).

For the e-card project, I recommended a Gail Bowen book titled The Nesting Dolls. Those die-hard WordFest fans will recognize this as the book she presented at the Festival on our 15th anniversary. I read it during the Fall season, but I wish I had read it in December because it is a perfect story for this time of year. It’s set against a warm, family Christmas, but a grisly murder is what gets the plot going. I also love the main protagonist and crime-solver  Joanne Kilbourn. Those who know me well understand I have a great fascination with the Murder She Wrote Television Series, and like Joanne, Jessica Fletcher really gives the series its legs, and keeps the loyal fans coming back.

Nesting Dolls

Something else we had to include in the special greeting was a book on our ‘wishlist’, a title we hope to read in the future. I chose Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie, which is his memoir chronicling a perilous time in his life when a fatwa (an Islamic religious decree issued by the spiritual leader in Iran in 1989 which called for Salman’s execution) had been placed on him.

Joseph Anton

I should mention I want to read this book for naughty rather than nice reasons. I’m sure it’s a literary masterpiece and all, but I’m more interested in hearing the salacious details: his failed relationships and marriages, what it was like to live with armed policeman on a regular basis, etc. There is nothing I love more than literary gossip (well, maybe except for Murder She Wrote) so this book will be a fun, yet potentially sobering read.

So while Everett is trying to expand his mind and political horizons through his book picks, I’m reading about fictional crimes with a holiday twist and prying into people’s personal lives. So, business as usual at the WordFest office.



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  1. Kiara Fruncillo

    Thanks Anne always love reading your posts and your ‘tongue in cheek’ comments ; ) . Wishing you and Mary and all the other wonderful peeps at WordFest a Merry Magical Holiday Season!!! See you in 2013 flowers in hand…Kiara Fruncillo P.S. Happy Reading

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