Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Well, that’s it. WordFest 2012 is over. Kaput. Never to be seen again. There are no more WordFest 2012 events coming, it’s time to lay the 2012 Festival season to rest. However-as Bryan mentioned in his last post, we finished with a bang (the Giller Prize Winner of 2012, none other than our local literary celebrity and WordFest alumnus Will Ferguson). To see a volunteer reader review of this book, please click here.

Before his event on Nov. 13, Will Ferguson and I were sitting in the salmon coloured John Dutton greenroom together, and he spoke fondly of his previous book tours with a colleague we had in common. He then shyly asked if I had read his book Canadian Pie, which referenced a story he thought I would enjoy, as it generally makes fun of the plight of the book publicist (a role I can sympathize with, as I frequently act as handler to our Festival authors). Shame-faced, I admitted I hadn’t read it yet, but promised to borrow it from the library. What struck me about this interaction was that Will rarely quizzed people about reading his books, but the ONE time he decides to, I haven’t read it. I truly did feel badly that I hadn’t read it, because I most likely would have read it beforehand had I known it included a story that I could so easily relate to.

Shortly after the end of the event, while people were lining up to get their book signed, I snuck up to the Pages table and purchased the second last copy of Canadian Pie they had. Then I waited until all the other books had been signed and the patrons had left to ask Will to sign my book. He wrote me a kind message and it filled me with a warm glow as I left the venue that night, relieved that our Festival season had ended, but a little sad that I didn’t have anymore of these author interactions to look forward to until 2013.

So, you’re probably still wondering what the title of this post is referencing. Essentially, now that our Festival season is over, this is your last chance to give us (timely) feedback on our 2012 season. What did you enjoy? What did you want to see more of? We’re already starting to plan the 2013 season, so you need to let your opinion be known now. Otherwise, I’ll forget it, you’ll forget it, or it will simply be too late to work your constructive criticism into our 2013 season. We’ve created a handy dandy online survey form for you to fill out, so please click here to make your opinion known!



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