Story Shorts

I now know why they call it the Late Night Lounge; it goes until late at night.  Makes sense. It seems there were some out of towners last night who weren’t in a hurry to get to bed and of course, were staying in the hotel so they didn’t have to catch a cab home.  I won’t names and names, but they know who they are!

But after some sleep, I was back downtown for another day of WordFest events.  First up was a lunch time affair at the Glenbow Museum, called Story Shorts. It was a bit of a different event for WordFest, as it featured animated short films, instead of books or writing. However, they were all short films related to books and the written word.  In just under an hour, the audience was probably shown over 20 films from around the world.

Most prominent amongst the films was the finale, “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore,” the Oscar-winner for Best Animated Short Film in 2011.  I must say, it didn’t disappoint and lived up to its billing, as it was a truly magical little film, and easily my favourite of those we saw.

But there were some other great little films that were very entertaining, but unfortunately, I don’t know the title of most of them!  I have made a few notes, however, and I will do some research to see if I can find out what exactly it was I saw today.

Story Shorts was only the beginning of what will no doubt be a very busy day.  I’m now off to the John Dutton Theatre at the Calgary Public Library for Stories Cities Tell with Marcello Di Cintio, Gail Jones, Pasha Malla, and Joe Meno.




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