Let WordFest Begin!

Well, the day has finally arrived; WordFest officially begins today!  I suppose it official began with the official launch, but you know what I mean.  Tonight, at 5:30, Northwords kicks off the festival, as Shelagh Rogers hosts a conversation with author Noah Richler, followed by an audience Q&A at the John Dutton Theatre.

This is how I’ll be starting my WordFest off as well; the first of what I plan to be 23 events in six days! Following Northwords I’ll be heading over to This Really Happened at The Auburn for a little bit of storytelling starting at 8PM.  The event will feature amongst others, Deni Bechard, author of Cures for Hunger (and who I’m told is the best looking author at WordFest this year), and Calgary’s own poet laureate, Kris Demeanor, who can’t help but make me think of one of my favourite books, The Sot-Weed Factor by John Barth (which follows the hapless Ebenezer Cooke, Poet Laureate of Maryland).

I feel I’m ready for a week of authors and books, rushing around downtown trying to squeeze everything in, and having an all-around enjoyable time.  Now I’ll prepare for the train to begin this week-long journey.

Of course not everybody is looking to transit to get around.  Thanks to the platoon of volunteers who form the Transportation Committee, authors and artists have the pleasure of being chauffeured around while in town.

The Transportation people pick up the artists at the airport, drive them to the hotel, to their events or anywhere they want to go.  Of course I picture black Lincolns with dark, tinted windows, but my sources tell me they’re more likely to be seen riding around in a mini-van.

While many would enjoy this job for the opportunity to talk to the different authors and artists, I would enjoy it for the chance to talk about Calgary.  There are few things I enjoy more than driving around Calgary and talking about it with visitors.  It’s quite shameless really.  I would have a field day boring the socks off every author I drove, except for the authors who demand ‘absolute silence from the driver’ of course.  Actually, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself, which is probably why I won’t be asked to join the transportation any time soon.

But enough about getting to WordFest, let’s start talking about going to WordFest!  Follow the blog for live (more or less) updates on the events I attend, and follow #wordfest2012 on twitter to know everything that’s going on and see photos of the authors and events!




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