Post-Launch Blog: A Response

Dear WordFest Blog Readers,

I owe you an apology. As you know, I haven’t made much of an appearance here lately, and in my shame and embarrassment regarding my lack of posts, I’ve been hiding behind the volunteer reader reviews that I’ve been posting in an attempt to look like I’m churning out new content. In truth, I’m simply posting the intelligent prose that our volunteer readers come up with every day, and to be honest, these reviews are way better than anything I could come up with myself.

To make matters worse for me (yet better for everyone else) our Festival blogger Bryan Wright has returned with his jaunty, quick to appear and full of interesting facts blog posts, which quite frankly, put my short and infrequent posts to shame. What is a girl to do? Well, after reading his latest post, I’ve realized I need to make a better effort, so I’ll start by offering my personal take on our launch which you dear reader, can juxtapose with Bryan’s.

As the Programming Manager, my main duties include the following at our annual media launch:

  • Greet the artists and welcome them as they arrive;
  • Speak about my favorite books and authors to anyone who will listen;
  • Not eating the food  meant for the guests, until I’m given the ‘go ahead’ by our Marketing Manager ( I must admit, I did take a chocolate croissant before I was supposed to, which I was then reprimanded for, although it was worth it in my opinion).

On Aug. 29, when I wasn’t doing one of the above, like Bryan I noticed the excitement throughout the room as Jo explained our line-up. Names like Martin Amis, Jian Ghomeshi and Nora Young prompted a few excited whispers among the usually-composed group, and exciting new events such as Northwords, Story Shorts and the Saturday Sampler seemed to tickle people’s fancy. If I had to guess what events will sell out first, my money would be on the Douglas Glover Master Class.  He’s a spectacular Canadian writer who has kindly agreed to do a three hour class on the mechanics of good creative writing for WordFest patrons. The best part about it? It’s only 30 bucks per person. What are you waiting for? Follow this link and buy tickets now!



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3 responses to “Post-Launch Blog: A Response

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  3. When chocolate croissants are involved, the risk of getting reprimanded was well worth it. All that remained for me were five crumbs. The sixth one fell on the floor, disappearing into the plush carpet, only to be retrieved days later by the roaring vacuums of house-keeping at the Westin. Each remaining crumb I savoured discretely, my mouth watering between gulps of black coffee mixed with salty tears.

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