TumbleWord Contest: “Roller Coaster Ride”

Roller Coaster Ride

By Katie L.

(Honourable Mention – Youth Category)

Kristen and Kasey came to visit me, from

California. Good and bad things…

On a particularly warm summer day, we went to Stampede Park. With energy, Kasey sprinted, her red converse hitting the ground. She dragged us to the scariest looking ride of all, Swooping Flyer. Kristen and I waited fearfully. When our turn came, Kasey bounded for the seat while Kristen and I took precautions. We sat silently with our seatbelts clasped. As soon as the small door was secured, the box took off like a bullet. The wind was an iceberg hitting my face. I wanted to scream but I had no voice. I wanted to cry but the wind dried my tears. We were way up high now. I couldn’t get off so I sat there with my teeth and hands clenched tight. We were zooming around in the air in all different directions. Suddenly there was a jolt and in seconds, we were plummeting towards the ground. Gravity was showing no mercy. We hit the ground hard and fast. The box landed on its side. Kasey’s side. I scrambled out of my seat groaning. I rushed to Kasey, only to find her white scoop neck shirt, soaked with sticky blood, hanging loosely around her limp body. By then Kristen had regained her

consciousness and was kneeling beside me. Tears flooded. There was silence. Then people started rushing.


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