TumbleWord Contest: “I let my fear go”

“I let my fear go”

By Belinda L. Y.   (Winner – Youth Category)

I wasn’t scared, well maybe a little bit, but only he would know.

I never liked cows, so why would I like bulls? It wasn’t my idea to go bull riding but my dad’s; he thought it would make me into a man.

I was starting to have jelly legs when out of nowhere a boy with a cream-colored cowboy hat and blue ripped jeans walk closer to me.  He was about my age, tall and skinny.

“You’re scared?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You shouldn’t.  Bull riding is fun; there is nothing to be afraid of. If you let your fear get the most of you, you won’t have any fun.”

He walked away after that, I guess it was his turn to ride.  I walked closer to the beat up old fence and peered into the arena.

“Competitor 2, Jimmy Bulkon,” announced the speakers.

So he is Jimmy.  Well Jimmy sure held on good. He got a whole 10 seconds. Next it would be me.  I got on the fierce animal and held on for dear life. After my name is announced, the bell rung, the bull kicked and I stayed on. 8 whole seconds passed and I still stayed on, I was starting to shiver and loose grip, when Jimmy’s eyes suddenly caught mine.  I wasn’t going to let my fear get the most of me. 9, 10, 11, Eleven!

At last, I won.

I wasn’t scared. Well maybe a little bit, but only Jimmy would know.


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