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The Juliet Stories by Carrie Snyder

The Juliet Stories by Carrie Snyder is an enjoyable read. As it is a collection of linked short stories I wondered how much I would enjoy it. To my delight there is a good balance here between the continuity of the characters in the stories always linking back nicely to Juliet and the independence of each story. This collection does a better job of bridging that divide than other collections of this type I’ve read in the past. Further, the writing is sharp and compelling. I particularly liked the stories in Part 2, which cover the post-Nicaragua experience.

This collection seems to be at least somewhat autobiographical, particularly in Part 1. I enjoy fiction more than non-fiction and am happy that she chose to fictionalize her experience because I think it makes for better reading. Very interesting to see what leads to people throwing themselves and their families into situations like this and the long term impact it has on the children as teenagers and adults.

Those of us who grew up during this era of war in Central America will be most interested in this work. I suppose it will have greater appeal to women in its subject matter and how it addresses the experiences of particularly the women in the family. The quality of the writing should open it to anyone interested in good writing.

Reviewed by Andrew MacPherson


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  1. acinstructor

    Thanks for the review. I love short stories. I’m going to read this book over the holidays.

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