The Move

So……we’re moving. That’s right; the WordFest ladies are packing up our stuff and shipping out to a new location. Unlike my previous musings, this post is actually meant to accomplish a few things, which are listed below in order of importance:

  1. an excuse to help me avoid packing
  2. alerting my two readers to the fact that we’re  moving locations (It’s ok Dad, our phone number will stay the same)
  3. creating content that makes no mention of award season (because aren’t all book people sick of that by now?)
  4. an excuse to help me avoid packing

If you’ve never moved an office before, this will be a wake-up call to you. I’m lucky enough to say that this is my second move as a WordFest employee, so I know what’s coming. Packing up our office is more than just rolling up my cat calendar and dumping my pens in a portable container, especially when you work in an office of only five, full-time female employees. You know that filing cabinet that people dump stuff into then forget about? Yah, you’re going to have to pack that. You know those weird Tupperware containers that no one wants to claim underneath the sink in the kitchen? You’re going to have to pack that too. And don’t forget the storage closet in the basement; the excuse that the old fax paper gives you hives is not going to cut it this time, you’re going to be in charge of making sure it gets packed!

Not only are you packing the things that no one gives a second thought to (or rarely wants to even touch), you’re also responsible for doing the hated task of emptying out your desk drawers. For example, what is that sticky substance that is holding together various paper clips, bobby pins, and post-it notes at the bottom of my drawer? I have no idea, but there’s no avoiding it now, I have to pack it ALL.

And where are we moving all this stuff to you ask? Luckily, only two C-Train stops from where we are now: Eau Claire Market! Say hello to accessible and cheap parking, an assortment of delicious treats for sale at the food court, and the upscale grocery store that is sure to make meal time at the Logan house a tasty affair. Best of all, WordFest will have a more public presence, due to the fact that we’re right next to the bicycle co-op store, and more than happy to see you. So, come drop by in the New Year, we can’t wait to show off our new digs!


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