WordFest Numerology

Now that WordFest is, for the most part, over, I thought it was time I formally wrap up the blog for 2011.  Of course, it was a great experience; not only did I get to meet so many people in the book world, including authors, artists and publishers, but I also got to have a lot of fun doing so.
Often the problem with working an event such as WordFest, is that one doesn’t get the chance to see the result of all their hard work because there’s too much going on behind the scenes to actually attend any events.  As the Festival Blogger, I was able to get the best of both worlds.  Not only was I behind the scenes, but I was also able to attend a lot of events. I truly got to enjoy the entire WordFest experience.
It was this experience I tried to expose in the blog this year, by letting people in on my time attending WordFest, instead of merely giving a summary of the events, as if I was writing a newspaper article.  I suppose my mind set was to make this more of a diary, and less of a report.
Having said that, I also want to make sure I do leave my loyal readers with some kind of summary of my experience, some sort of conclusion.  My first thought was to merely detail the events I attended, list the high and low points, and so on.  But really, there isn’t any point to that, as the previous blog posts do the same thing.  My conclusion shouldn’t just be a condensed version of the previous posts.  Instead, I thought I might take a look at the numbers of WordFest, as a way to quantify my experience. 
Here’s my WordFest, by the numbers:

6 – Days of WordFest
2 – Days inBanff
20 – Events I attended over the six days of WordFest
18 – Events I was on time for
7 – Different venues I attended a performance
38 – Artists and authors I saw perform
19 – Artists and authors I had a drink with
1 – Artists or authors I saw scam free drinks at WordFeast
25 – Sandwiches eaten in the volunteer lounge
1 – Times I misspelled sandwich in a blog post
7 – Amount of cheese eaten, in pounds
2 – Times I took the last piece of food from a tray, while looking around to make sure nobody would notice

5 – Nights that ended with a visit to the Artist’s Lounge
5 – Night the Artist’s Lounge ran out of beer
2 – Times I was told ‘…and you’re the only one drinking beer’

6 – Trips on the bus
3 – Cab rides
0 – Number of blocks portaged with a canoe; I guess I really…’missed the boat’ on this one!

29 – Blog posts
4 – Blog posts mentioning pizza
1 – Events throughout WordFest with pizza
4 – Times I’ve gone out for pizza since WordFest, to make up for the times I missed pizza during WordFest

 4 – Remaining WordFest events this year (check the website for more info!)

 349 – Days until WordFest 2012!!



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