Poetry, the Artist’s Lounge, and Pizza

Following last night’s Distinguished Author Series, there was a brief break from action, before it was time to head back into the theatre for the Poetry Cabaret.  Of course I needed to make my usual stop at the hospitality room first. When I had stopped in there before Guy Vanderhaeghe’s show, there were a few nibblies to snack on, but also an empty serving board, under a hot lamp.  Obviously something was going to be taking that space on the buffet table.  It wasn’t until I had to leave, to see the show, that pizza was delivered.

Pizza.  Food of the gods.  I love pizza.  It doesn’t matter where the pizza is from, what’s on the pizza, or what temperature the pizza is.  There is no such thing as bad pizza.  Well there is, I did have one bad pizza, in Romania, where they used ketchup instead of pizza sauce, but that was the lone exception in my time on this mortal coil.  unfortunately, in this situation, I was forced to choose between the show and pizza.  Obviously I had to choose the show as my duties to WordFest had to take priority.  And naturally, I had assumed there would be pizza afterward.

Back to the break between Guy Vanderhaeghe and the Poetry Cabaret, and I am back in the Artist’s Lounge.  To my surprise and delight, three pizza boxes still sit on the table.  My pizza needs would be fulfilled.  But as I open the first box, I realized there wasn’t any pizza left, only three empty boxes, taunting me with tiny bits of cheese and crust, left over from the bounty that once called them home.  I was indeed going to be denied the pie of my dreams.  The lights began to flicker in the hallway, signifying the show was about to begin and that it was time to make my way to the theatre.  Out I went, slightly dejected.  Of course what do I pass on my way to the theatre?  Three more pizzas being delivered!  Pizza is my Ladyhawke.  I can’t be in the room when there is pizza, and pizza can’t be in the room when I am there.

The Poetry Cabaret was great though, even though I wasn’t able to feast on some ‘za.  Performing last night were Ian Williams, Rosemary Griebel, Ann Scowcroft, Anne Simpson, and Jeramy Dodds.  As at the Thursday Showcase, the authors were accompanied by the WordFest House Band.  I really enjoy the dynamic and find the music really adds to the poetry.  I also had added admiration for the music after talking to the band in the Green Room earlier in the evening.  While a few notes are taken, most of the music is improvised, feeding off the emotion of the poetry being read.

After the show, it was back to the Artist’s Lounge for some hob nobbing, eating, and a drink.  The hospitality room at Le Germain in Calgary was great, with a nice atmosphere, good food, and wonderful hostesses.  But last night the hospitality room here in Banff was really rocking.  I suppose a lot of that has to do with the room being quite a bit larger, allowing a lot of people to mingle quite comfortably.  And what was on the table, sitting like a beacon of hope and cheese?  There was still pizza.  And not just pizza boxes, but real, live pizza.  The night was now complete.

The party in the suite went well into the night, with pizza, beer, wine, cheese, and crackers, all of which were accompanied by the musical stylings of DJ Rutledge, who manned the ipod well into Sunday morning, much to the delight of the many people dancing.

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