Word of Mouth

Following last night’s showcase, there was a brief 30 minute break before it was back into the Vertigo Theatre for ‘Word of Mouth’, an event with a bit of a musical flair.  Each artist offered an interesting and unique art form, and while different, each complimented the others quite nicely.

I did not, and suppose still don’t, have a lot of experience with the types of performances I saw last night at ‘Word of Mouth.’  Never had I attended a spoken word performance, but I have now seen Kaie Kellough and Kris Demeanor.  Never had I attended a poet’s performance, such as I saw last night with Tanya Davis.  And although I had seen a video on-line, I had never seen Inuit Throat Singing live, and only now do I understand what all the fuss is about.

Following the performance, I headed back to Le Germain, to visit the Hospitality suite once again.  Arriving much later than I had the

Artist's Roundtable

previous two nights, I was pleasantly surprised to see the room chock full of people, a who’s who of WordFest.  Of course there were the regulars, like JJ Lee and Zsuzsi Gartner, but also newcomers Guy Vanderhaeghe, this year’s Banff Distinguished Author, as well as Mexican author Jose Manuel Prieto.

How most artists 'unwind.'

While it’s fun to hob nob with the literary elite, I find the best part of the artist’s lounge to be the discussion that arises from that day’s events.  It’s nice to share your opinions on different performances and different discussions with others, as well as hearing their opinions and thoughts on the same.  The lounge offers a chance for everybody to sort of unwind after what can be a couple of hectic hours.

Again I was unable to be the last one there, succumbing to my fatigue not long after midnight.  Plus, I had successfully avoided finding out about the Flames game against the Habs, which I had PVR’d, and wanted to get home to watch.  In case you hadn’t heard, the Flames won!

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