Thursday Night Live

Another showcase event has come and gone, like so many sandiwches in the volunteer lounge.  Featured tonight were Dany Laferriere, Lisa Grant, Lev Grossman, Lisa See and Miriam Toews, each reading from their new book.  Tonight’s showcase was, obviously, quite similar to last night’s showcase.  That isn’t to say ‘more of the same old’ or anything like that, but it is also five authors, reading from one of their books.  And again, it was very entertaining.

However there was a little twist tonight.  Okay, maybe twist isn’t the right word, but there was something different.  As each author read fromt heir book, the Vertigo Theatre house band played background accompaniment.  I was a little unsusre how that would work; would the music playing while someone read be a nice background or in your face distracting?  Of course part of me thought they might start playing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ or something of that nature (which reminds me I should request that for tonight’s Hospitality suite music selection).  Instead, the band played a perfect background riff, changing with the emotion of the piece being read.  It was quite a nice touch.  However, they only played for the final four authors, as lead author Dany Laferriere read without music.  Perhaps because, as noted by tonight’s host Shelley Youngblut, his “voice is melody enough.”

But now I must dash, as tonight does not end with the Showcase, or even with a stop at the hospitality room.  Tonight, there is another show starting in about 15 minutes, again in the Vertigo Theatre, entitled ‘Word of Mouth’ featuring Tanya Davis, Kaie Kellough and Tanya Tagaq.  While I’m not really familiar with any of these artists, I did write about Tanya Tagaq earlier this month, and am anxiouds to see her unique style of music, Inuit Throat Singing. And I guess the night will still end with a stop in the hospitality suite, as I’m headed there after ‘Word of Mouth.’


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