The Late Show

After Tuesday night’s frequent, and might I add uninvited, guest in the form of hotel security, the hospitality room was moved to more isolated confines at Hotel Le Germain.  This allowed the now-notorious WordFest crowd to carry on, as loud as their hearts desired, well into the night.

Besides being free from nosy neighbors, the new location also featured a working air conditioner, allowing party goers to enjoy themselves without having to wipe their brow.  The room’s dynamic was a little different, and perhaps a little less intimate, but still allowed for all

Another Proud Volunteer

involved to enjoy themselves.  But no matter what room the event was held in, it simply wouldn’t work without the hard work of the volunteers.  It is their hard work that ensures everything is set up before anyone arrives, that everybody has a drink or snack in their hands, as well as making sure the room is clean afterward.  It is a thankless job WordFest couldn’t do without.

I spent much of my time hob nobbing with Hilary Leung, illustrator of the Ninja, Cowboy, Bear books, who arrived from Toronto earlier in the evening.  He was able to show me what he and his writing partner, David Bruins (who arrived late last night) had in store for the kids tomorrow at their three shows as part of WordFest’s Book Rapport program.  Instead of merely reading from their books, they include games, crafts, and balloons.  I have the Calgary Public Library’s first copy of their newest book, The Call of the Cowboy, perhaps I can get them to sign it.

Hangin' in the Suite

You might also be interested to learn that tonight’s Hospitality lounge may be featuring a guest DJ; DJ-JJ, who plans to rock out the room, High School Dance-style.  Do you have a favorite tune you’d like to hear? I’m sure he’s taking requests.

All in all, it was another fun night, as people mingled, drank and generally enjoyed themselves until well after midnight. 

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