WordFest’s WordFeast

Continuing my trend of being a little behind, may I present my take on last night’s gala event, WordFeast!  I honestly don’t feel it’s my fault though, I was unexpectedly invited to this event, and wasn’t suitably dressed.  On the bright side, I did discover how long it takes to get to my house from the Vertigo Theatre by cab, to change into a suit, and then return downtown by car.  If you guessed 52 minutes, you’re correct.

While that time may not be important to you, it did mean I arrived back at Le Germain for WordFest’s main fundraising event in the nick of time, which means I had time to buy a drink, check the room out, and find my seat.

The theme for this year’s event was “Eat Your Words” which in my case means my favourite words were mini, prime, rib, and burgers.  Of course those weren’t the only words I was using.  I also frequently uttered pulled pork, ciabata, cheese, and fondue.  Instead of plated service, or even a buffet, the two rooms used for the function both featured various food stations offering a variety of items in addition to my above mentioned ‘favourites.’

While dinner is important, WordFeast is also a chance for WordFest to raise money and continue this important event for years to come.  And of course what better way to raise money than through an auction?  A variety of “high end” items were offered up to the highest bidder, with all the proceeds going to WordFest.  But perhaps more popular than the auction, were the chocolate kisses, being sold by women in, um, literary tights.  While they may not be sweeping the runways ofParisorMilan, they were absolutely perfect for WordFest.  Each chocolate purchased contained a prize of varying values, and also came with a red kiss on the cheek for the lucky supporter.

But the best part of WordFeast, as is the case with any similar type of function, is the people you meet.  Naturally, most of the people in attendance shared a common bond, with their love of the written word, so it made getting to know others fairly easy.  I was also fortunate to sit next to a representative from the Calgary Public Library, of which I am a huge supporter.  It was great to discuss not only books, but also the future and potential of the library inCalgary.

I also witnessed an author, who we’ll call E. Hay….no, that’s too obvious, let’s go with Elizabeth H., hustle a free glass of wine from a stranger.  It really was a thing of beauty.  Who knew authors could be so cunning?

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