What Comes After the After Party?

One of the best parts of any party or function, is the after parties which follow.  It’s a chance to let loose and unwind following what can often be a more formal affair.  While one may not wish to get sloppy drunk and dance around naked at the Oscar’s, they’re more than welcome to do so at an after party.  Following WordFeast last night, I headed up to the Artist Lounge at Hotel Le Germain, to see what forms of debauchery would be taking place.

As the door slowly opened to the lounge, in a room on one of Le Germain’s upper floors, I was shocked at what I saw; nothing.  There were only two people there, both volunteers charged with ensuring everything ran smoothly.  I was actually the first one to arrive after being sure I’d be fashionably late.  I have a history of being a little behind schedule, and this was only the second time I’d ever been the first to arrive at a party.  The other was to a wedding reception in Romania, but, not a word of a lie, we’d slept in and actually missed the ceremony, making it easy to be first at the reception; we didn’t have to commute back to the hotel from the wedding site.  But I digress, there I was, the first eager beaver.

Of course it didn’t last long, as soon people starting pouring in, perhaps too many people in fact, as the place became quite crowded.

When you walk into a hanging piece of art, it often falls down

Although crowds weren’t to blame for this person knocking pictures off the wall, it was most likely clumsiness, or maybe drunkenness, but probably just clumsiness.

One thing I learned about this particular room at Le Germain is that when you put 25 people into it, with only one window that opens, things get a little warm.  Fortunately there was cold beer, wine and fresh fruit.  And of course a little heat and a little bit of crowding always makes a party seem a little livelier.

Like WordFeast earlier in the evening, chatting with people at this party was great, as again most attendees shared a love of books.  I was able to chat with Steven Ross Smith about Friday’sAlberta(Un)Bound, the literary Battle of Alberta, and offer him my take on why ribbing Edmontonians is so much fun.  I may be anticipating this event more than any other.

I also talked to Stuart MacBride and his wife Fiona, who are the only people I know of besides myself, who have been to Calgary Bayon the Isle of Mull in Scotland.  Of course they have the advantage of living in Scotland, but kudos are still in order.

The party seemed to be rolling along quite nicely, until hotel security paid a visit.  Apparently there had been a complaint about the ‘noise.’  I wouldn’t have thought writers could be such a noisy bunch.  But he was assured we would keep it down, and that there wouldn’t be any further problems.

The second time he visited, we assured him that this time, we’d really be quiet, that this time was for real.  No more noise from this room we promised.  We’d use hand signals if necessary.

The third time he visited, Anne took charge, stood on the desk, demanded everybody keep it down to avoid any further trouble.

Fortunately, because we all knew the ‘silence’ wouldn’t last, the party began to simmer down a little, as people slowly slipped off into the night.  While I rarely arrive first to a party, I frequently am the last to leave, but last night, I didn’t have it in me.  Plus, I knew I had several more full days and several more after parties to attend, like the one later tonight.

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2 responses to “What Comes After the After Party?

  1. Charlotte Gill

    Don’t you know your Canlit, dear blogger? That “person” who is “clumsy” and/or “drunk” is actually one of your invited authors!

  2. Haha! It was my way of protecting the innocent, until proven guilty. Maybe I should have blurred the photo a little!

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