In Conversation with Chris Turner

I have to apologize for this being so late, as I was planning on keeping this as more of a ‘live’ blog, where posts would follow the events I attended, but immediately following a Conversation with Chris Turner last night, I had to head home and change after an unexpected invite to WordFeast.  I didn’t think my blue jeans/t-shirt combo would have been appropriate for such a gala event.

Chris Turner at the Vertigo Theatre

At the Vertigo Theatre, local Calgarian Chris Turner, talked about what he calls ‘The Leap’, also the title of his newest book, about living and thriving in a sustainable economy.  It’s hard to argue, and unnecessary, with anything he really had to say, as he showed examples of how other cities have transformed living spaces and made responsible choices that have helped energize and grow their economies and cultural scenes.

What I really enjoyed about his talk, was how he was able to apply it directly toCalgary, and demonstrate how with less effort than is normally thought, we can makeCalgarya better place to live.  I particularly liked his idea of ‘making public transit awesome.’  Transit isn’t a necessary evil, but rather a vital component of a sustainable, liveable city.

Kudos also goes out to Chris for his post-event party outside the Vertigo on the sidewalk along 9th avenue, which featured Alley Burgers and a lemonade stand.  Not only did he talk about transforming urban living spaces, he also did it!

While there are few books I don’t look forward to reading, this one may rocket up to the top of my non-fiction ‘to read’ list following WordFest.

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