How To Get To WordFest

Now that I’ve more or less figured out my WordFest schedule, I’m going to need to determine how to get to all of these events.  Naturally, a car would be the easiest way to do things.  I can arrive and depart on my own schedule, I can take any route, and I can sing along to all my favourite songs.

However, the car does have a few disadvantages.  First off, most of the events next week will be downtown and parking is quite expensive in downtownCalgary.  I could save my self a hundred bucks by finding alternative mode of transportation.  Plus, what kind of urban dweller would I be, taking a single occupant car downtown each day?  This means I need to figure out my options.

I live on the West side of the city, not too far away from downtown, so walking could be a possibility.  Well, the morning commute wouldn’t be bad, it’s mostly downhill, but it might be a bit of a trudge on the way home.  Plus, as this isCalgary, the weather could be Antarctic-like at any time, meaning I could be not only walking uphill, but through four feet of snow, against a 40 miler per hour wind; it would be reminiscent of my dad’s walk to school each day.

Perhaps a bicycle would do the trick.  Again, it might be a little bit of a tough ride on the way home, and a bike could be problematic if the above mentioned weather struck.  Riding uphill isn’t much fun, but riding through snow may be worse.  Plus, my spring project of getting my bike tuned-up, is still on the old ‘to-do list.’  I don’t think a bike will work.

Now public transit is a natural choice.  It’s much less expensive than parking, it’s the environmentally conscious thing to do and it doesn’t really take very long from my house.  Plus, no matter what the weather is, my time outside would be limited to a couple of short walks at either end of my journey.  The problem with transit of course, is that I cannot necessarily travel on my own schedule.  I’m tied to whatever times ‘the man’ has decided buses and trains will run.  More often than not, there isn’t a bus awaiting my arrival at my desired stop, nor does it make a bee line to my desired destination.

There are still other alternatives; real ‘outside the box’ types.  I could canoe downtown.  But then I’d have to figure out a way to get the canoe to the river.  And how to get it from the river to Le Germain.  Yes, I could portage, but this is easier said than done, especially since I will most likely be travelling alone.  And now that I think about it, I would also need a canoe.  Maybe I could use a paraglider.  From my house, perched high above downtown it would probably only be one running start before I soared over the traffic snarls below.  Of course getting home could be a problem.  And my total lack of experience or knowledge about paragliding could be a major problem as well.

This may all be a game time decision, to be made Tuesday morning as I make my way down.  But would implore all you readers, if you do see someone trying to portage down Centre St., most likely struggling, please stop and lend me a hand!

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