Too Much Reading?

When I was first brought on board to write this blog for WordFest, I had it in my mind that I could read all the books that were to be featured at the festival, and really get some good background information on everything that was to happen over the six days.  I’d know every author’s book, and as a result, be able to talk to everybody about anything.  I’d be a walking information booth.  But since then, I’ve done a little math.

There are over seventy authors and artists attending WordFest this year, which is a mere four weeks away.  As I was always taught, I’ve shown my work below:


    ÷ 4


Seventeen plus books each week.  Hmmm…that doesn’t seem as simple as I first thought.  I suppose some of the books aren’t very long; it can be done.  How many books is that each day?


÷     7


I have to read two and a half books every day, until the start of WordFest.  This is where I begin to realize I can’t possible read every book from this year’s event.  I couldn’t read 2.50 Archie comics every day.  Well, maybe I could, but that’s only because I’m a sucker for that Andrews kid.

 But wait!  Not every artist is an author.  Tanya Tagaq, the Inuit throat singer, isn’t featuring a book, so that’s one less read.  Plus, there are several French authors, as part of ‘Festival des mots,’ WordFest’s francophone feature.  While I do speak French fluently, my reading skills are a little, how do the French say, ‘rouille.’  If I stick to the mother tongue, that takes me down to only, like, sixty-five books or so!  Four weeks and sixty-five books.

Okay, I won’t be able to read them all.  But I have finished reading Funeral for a Dog by Thomas Pletzinger, so really, these numbers are all out of whack.  I’ll have to recalculate.  But not until I get a little reading in first…


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