The Battle of Alberta

For those of you who aren’t football fans, yesterday was one of the biggest games of the year, The Labour Day Classic, between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos.  Regardless of where either team sits in the standings, this is always a big game because of the rivalry that exists between the two cities; the Battle of Alberta.  Not only do they compete in football, but also in hockey, baseball, politics, entertainment, and economics.  It’s always a contest when it comes to these two cities.  And it’s always a lot of fun, especially since Calgary is better is every way.  Yah, I said it.

 Well this year, WordFest is getting into the fun with its own version of the Battle of Alberta, and it should prove to be quite interesting.  On Friday, October 14 at the Art gallery of Calgary, Zsuzsi Gartner will be hosting Alberta (Un)Bound, where several artists will debate, discuss and decide whether Calgary, Edmonton or Banff is the best place to be a writer.  Attending and arguing will be derek beaulieu (Calgary), Tim Bowling (Edmonton), Lynn Coady (Edmonton) and Steven Ross Smith (Banff).  What a great idea this is!  Few things are as fun as the ribbing that can happen between Calgary and Edmonton, and now we can throw Banff into the mix as well.

 Now my first instinct is to give Calgary the edge, only because I was born and raised there and am naturally a little biased.  But after closer examination, I have to admit I might be leaning toward Edmonton on this one.  I say this becauseEdmonton’s hockey and football teams don’t make the playoffs very often, allowing writers in the Provincial Capital to concentrate on their craft, while Calgarian writers are busy following exciting playoff battles.

 In addition, Edmonton has a really big mall, which I have no doubt can serve as a wealth of inspiration, as well as provide any budding writer with a place to seek shelter from the long, cold, dark winters the city suffers through.  And during the summer, while Calgarians are busy with the excitement and energy of the Calgary Stampede, Edmontonians only have Klondike days, or CapitalEx Days, or whatever it’s called now, and since it doesn’t have much to offer, again one can better concentrate on their work, inspired by the energy and excitement of Calgary Trail and the time they hosted the Winter Olympics. I mean Commonwealth Games.

 But I suppose I should leave this debate to the writers attending Alberta(Un)Bound on October 14th!

What: Alberta (Un)Bound

 Where: Art Gallery of Calgary;   $8

 When: Friday, October 14  –  1200 – 1300


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