We Have Lift Off

While WordFest may take place in October, it formally got started yesterday with the official launch.  And everything seemed to go quite smoothly.  Well almost everything.  I stopped at the Starbucks across the street to grab a cup of Joe and check my email, but found the only location on earth without internet access.  I guess when there are only 37,000 locations, you’re bound to hit it eventually.  But I digress…

 So not only was this my first WordFest launch, but also my first time inside the host hotel, Le Germain.  Located across the street from theCalgaryTower, the hotel will serve not only as the official residence of WordFest, but will also host a variety of events and receptions.  I have a feeling its bar might also host a variety of authors as well.  The hotel is quite an impressive venue, and much cooler than my idea of an “au natural” WordFest at a campground just East of the city.

 Now I have to admit, I was privy to a lot of the information announced yesterday, but that’s because I have connections.  Very high up connections.  But what has changed, is I can now share that information with you!

 After the normal formalities, thanking everybody for coming, etc., WordFest director Jo Steffens took to the stage to share with the hundred or so gathered people to announce, first off, which artists were going to be at WordFest this year.  There are too many highlights to list, but you can see them by clicking…here.  Later this week, I’ll post a list on Between the Lines.  Of course it goes without saying, there are several fairly exciting people coming to Calgary.

But while everybody was aware there would a superb line up of people coming to WordFest, most didn’t know about some of the more exciting, and dare I say, innovative events taking place this year, all in an attempt to bring a little ‘New York style’ to WordFest.  But of course if I told you all about them right now, I might run out of things to write about in the coming weeks!

– Bryan

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