I’ll Try Not to Scare This One Off (Meet Our New Blogger)

I’ve got my fingers crossed that my dry, (in my opinion brilliant) sense of humour will transcend online text and make someone laugh. Either that or I’ve just posted a REALLY offensive comment on Bryan Wright’s blog. For my Marketing Manager’s sake, I’m hoping it’s the former.

Let me explain, I can sense a confused face as you read this. Bryan Wright is WordFest’s new Festival blogger. He will be covering the authors, books and events that make up WordFest and you’ll be seeing his lovely face during WordFest week and other WordFest-related events. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to recognize him, as we don’t have a special blogging costume for him to wear (mental note: suggest a costume to Bryan at our next meeting).

I’m excited about welcoming Bryan onboard for a few reasons:

One, I’m excited to chat books with someone who isn’t exposed to the usual book rants here in the office. I estimate between 40-50 minutes of conversation between us before he realizes how odd I’ve become since my involvement in the book industry. I’m pretty sure that my bold/weird comment on his blog is really just my sad attempt at making friends.

Secondly, it will also be nice to see someone in the artist lounge that I won’t feel awkward to approach. I am still embarrassed about the first thing I said to Margaret Atwood when we were alone together and I won’t repeat it here as I’m still a bit shame-faced about it.

Anyway, now that I’ve made yet another reference to my social awkwardness, I should mention I’m also hoping Bryan can teach me a thing or two. For instance I believe that as a book lover, things like Twitter will simply distract me from my real passion; reading. But Bryan is a book lover and he also has a Twitter feed, so maybe he’ll be able to convince me that shunning social media is not in my best interests. Don’t mistake this last comment for snobbishness, I’m not above watching Jersey Shore, so I’m hardly in a position to judge people for reading “tweets”.

I also think he’s quite the elegant writer, and judging from the amount of parentheses in my posts, you dear reader, will likely attest to the fact that I need help in this department as well. Probably coolest of all is the fact that he appears regularly on CBC Radio’s Eyeopener, where he discusses what he’s reading. So, he’s essentially a radio-celebrity, which is, let’s be honest, an honourable position to have in the arts and culture sector.


Our New Festival Blogger!

Bryan—you may be reading this post and wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. Although I can’t make any promises, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time working the WordFest beat. If nothing else, it’ll provide awkward/funny anecdotes for your future blog post.


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One response to “I’ll Try Not to Scare This One Off (Meet Our New Blogger)

  1. Although I’ve never seen an episde of ‘Jersey Shore,’ I’m sure it is more of a time burgler than twitter. When it comes to social media, just ask yourself, WWSD? Snooki knows all.

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