Behind the Scenes: Festival Afterglow

Well that’s it. It’s over, done with, ka-put. Never to be seen again is WordFest 2010. But before you accuse me of slacking on the job, I’d like to let you in on a little secret. We are already working on something we like to call….WordFest 2011!!! We brave WordFesters are always tirelessly working to bring fabulous books and authors your way, and if I had a cape to wear to symbolize how heroic this task is, I would.

Anyway, I want to list for you my top five moments of the Festival, because I love lists and it takes up more space on the page so it looks like I’ve written more. Without further ado, here are my top five moments of WordFest 2010:

5. Getting complimented a couple times a day by our dashing and appreciative Mexican artists.

4. Discussing my love of cats and keg parties with unsuspecting authors at various receptions.

3. Eating far too many Halloween treats with our hard-working transportation crew.

2. Shipping my marketing manager off on a propeller plane to Fort Nelson with the comforting thought that I never have to fly in something so tiny.

The plane that took WordFest to Fort Nelson!

1. Basking in the glow of the Festival-and all the wonderful people that made it happen

There are too many moments to mention here, many of which would get me fired, but even our audience members can sense the excitement around getting 90+ artists together for a huge event such as WordFest-you don’t have to be an employee to join in the behind-the-scenes fun!

So was it all worth it? Of course it was! Not only will this event ‘up’ my friend count on Facebook, but it will add another few stories to my repertoire that I can whip out at cocktail receptions, etc for the Christmas season. A warning to all my friends and colleagues: get ready for some obvious name dropping in future conversations!!!

The name dropping I am with Deborah Kerbel














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