Not an Everyday Tree Hugger…

I like to think of myself as an environmentalist in the making, a tree hugger aficionado, a green-thinking individual, if you will. This week, I was introduced to another level of environmentalism: an eco-warrior at our David Suzuki event on Tues. Sept. 21st. I quickly realized I had a long way to be christened with this enviable status when Dr. Suzuki whipped out a pot of green ink to refill his pen to continue signing books. I cursed myself under my breath as I opened pages for him, wondering why I hadn’t thought of such a genius way of keeping plastic pens out of landfills.

Some of you may be reading this and think I’m going a bit overboard. Who has the room to be carrying around a pot of ink with them? Who wants to shell out that kind of dough when I can just take office supplies from work for free? Is David Suzuki trying to be ironic by writing in green pen? Well I can’t say I know the answer to any of those questions, but the message in Dr. Suzuki’s lecture was not berating people for hitting Staples too often, it was pointing out the problems with our lifestyle in general. Why do people feel that buying stuff brings them happiness? I would argue we are brought up and taught this in our day-to-day life. Schools teach us that a high-paying job is what we should strive for, the media shows us pictures of rich, content people and our society reveres people who have made lots of money, regardless of the way they’ve made it.

I can feel myself beginning to rant, so I will stop there, but the powerful Legacy lecture that Dr. Suzuki delivered was enough to get anyone fired up about the state of the population today. I can also feel my post becoming a little more serious than I had hoped, so I’ll wrap this up. What was the most important point that I took home from the evening? Treasure your family, friends and neighbours before objects, and with this dedication to the non-material your life will develop a more meaningful, environmentally-friendly and sustainable path. (cue uplifting choir music here).


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