WordFest Launch: What a piece of work!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no reading light in the past few days, you are probably aware that WordFest launched its 2010 line-up this past Wednesday. Why is this such a big deal? To avoid the tedious task of constructing grammatically correct paragraphs, I have compiled the following reasons into a list:

  1. I get to meet many of our local artists for the first time. And of course, they are always as lovely in person as they are in their artist photo.
  2. I get to wear a nametag and feel self-important.
  3. The catering is delicious
  4. I love breakfast pastries. I enjoy all the intellectual banter that the crowd has to offer afterwards.

Please excuse my listing technique, I realize avoiding proper grammar at a writer’s festival is somewhat embarrassing, but considering how busy we have been in the office, I think I have a pretty good excuse. Furthermore, if my above reasons seem somewhat small in the grand scheme of things, I have four more reasons why I am glad the launch is over. See below:

  1. When people ask “what artists are coming this year” I no longer have to respond with the ambiguous phrase “I can’t tell you, because it’s embargoed information”.
  2. I won’t have to explain to people what “embargoed” means.
  3. Tickets are now on sale, so when I answer phones at the office, I get to talk ‘books’ with other WordFest fans who want to purchase seats.
  4. I generally can’t keep a secret, so I’m thanking my lucky starts I no longer have to!

Things are getting more excited by the day, so stay tuned to my blog and head to www.wordfest.com to hear more about our wonderful events coming up!


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