Is it natural to bend like this?

Not all yoga studios have to smell like patchouli, and you don’t have to have a Sanskrit name to participate! I was pondering these earth-shattering observations as I downward-dogged for literacy this past weekend. Friends, colleagues, cheerleaders and random people off the street joined the WordFest crew to raise awareness and funds for a great cause, and get a little more mobility in those ‘tough to reach’ areas.

Look at all the people that came! Everyone had a blast!

Yoga Santosha was kind enough to host a WordFest fundraiser for our Book Buddies program, an initiative which provides tickets to designated high needs schools, enabling students to attend WordFest events that would normally not be available to them. For some, holding your body in uncommon positions sounds like torture, but our fabulous teacher, Colleen O’Brien, kept people in high spirits, while her eclectic compilation of tunes drowned out the sound of bones cracking and people’s pained moans and groans. Although I will jump at any chance to put on my spandex, this was a particularly special occasion. Running through a yoga series is bound to make anyone feel generous, but I was pleasantly surprised at how excited people were to donate.

WordFest Marketing Manager, Mary Kapusta strutting her stuff!

So, what did we come out with? Better flexibility in our lower regions of course, not to mention close to $900 in funds for Book Buddies! Looks like chanting and deep breathing can do more than just lower your blood pressure.

My favourite pose!

Emily Picano holding the Yoga Jam donation jar!


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