Like Bees in a hive…

Firstly, let me apologize for my tardiness in posting, things have picked up quite a bit here, and it’s hard to find time to alphabetically sort the books on my shelf, let alone communicate with the outside world!

You may be wondering where WordFest has been, i.e. when is our next event. Well fellow bookworms, we have a big one coming—David Suzuki on Sept. 21st! But that is not what I am here to write about; I wanted to complain about express my excitement for all the upcoming tasks and duties of the WordFest crew.

As a quick run-down, we are currently putting together our Festival Guide (the lovely newsprint booklet that details the ins and outs of the Festival), our launch preparations, putting the finishing touches on our event program, and generally working to make sure this is the most memorable WordFest ever.

Keep your eyes glued to our webpage on Aug. 25th to see what spectacular authors are coming this year, and while you are at it, revisit our stupendous blog on a daily basis to see my latest piece of genius. Ok maybe I’m going overboard with the adjectives, but it’s an exciting time here in the office, and it’s not just from our high sugar intake from Timbits—it’s because we are actually really, really busy!


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