Behind the Scenes: Strange Powers Indeed

Calgary hipsters emerged from the woodwork for a FANTASTIC rockumentary about Stephin Merritt, the ultra-cool songwriter and front man of The Magnetic Fields (if you’ve never heard of the Magnetic Fields, don’t feel bad, and refer to my last blog post here).

I always enjoy a good documentary. And although I may come off as a snob by saying that, it’s the truth. Especially when that documentary includes awkward TV clips from the early nineties, a cute Chihuahua dog that lounges in the arms of Stephin on a regular basis, interview clips with Sarah Silverman and Peter Gabriel and of course extremely good music. Being a book-lover, I relished the part where Stephin talked about the writing process of the music. He also read out various phrases that he wrote down in his little idea book, little gems such as: “You are my nothing”, and equally deep thoughts such as this.

What’s really interesting about this documentary is the fact that it was filmed over ten years. Sled Island was also good enough to bring the director of the film in to answer our questions, which ranged from the obvious (what was Stepehn like in person?) to the obscure ( what was his Chihuahua like?). Unless you have been lucky enough to experience a Magnetic Fields concert yourself, this rockumentary will mark the beginning of a new love with a great band.

Wardrobe Note: I didn’t wear skinny jeans to this event because it was smokin’ hot that day. But I did wear some digs from American Apparel, so I felt justified in my attire choice for that evening.

Stephin Merrit with his Chihuahua


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