Behind the Scenes: The Magnetic Fields-You Should Know Them!

Have you ever been a part of a conversation where someone mentions a band and everyone else has heard of them except for you? So instead of looking ignorant you pretend you’ve heard of them, and hope no one asks you what your favourite song is? Just admit it, you have. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but the more events you attend in our great city, the better chance you will have of avoiding these types of situations (and let’s be honest, feeling like a loser).

The Magnetic Fields is one of those epic bands that not many people have heard of, but have superfans that are inevitably “in the know” (and most likely have a penchant for skinny jeans). To avoid conversations such as the one described above, I recommend you attend the Sled Island screening of the rockumentary “Strange Powers”, a look at the Magnetic Fields songwriter Stephin Merritt and his songwriting process.

The Magnetic Fields

On Monday, June 28th I will be putting down my reading glasses, putting on my distance lenses and heading to the Plaza Theatre in Kensington for an evening of music and film!

For those of you who are feeling extra studious, visit the website on the movie before you go to get caught up on how incredibly cool Stephin Merritt is. WordFest is constantly on the look-out for creative ways of exploring the writing process, and this event is sure to please both book and song writer aficionados.

For more information on the event, visit the Sled Island website at:

Get a glimpse of some of those cartoon rabbits wearing weird helmets.

See y’all there!


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