Behind the Scenes: A Question of Honesty

Last week, die-hard Turow fans braved the wet weather and rush-hour traffic to see the best-selling author in a candid, and in-depth interview with CBC host, Russell Bowers. The questions ranged from the practical (why did you switch publishers from one book to the next?) to personal (would you add John Grisham to your top six list of legal books?)*. We also touched upon a common question that has plagued many of us since the dawn of time: Happy Father’s Day, Or Happy Fathers’ Day? This is just one of the many pivotal questions that were pondered during the Scott Turow event.

Now down to the juicy details of the evening. We all know Scott Turow is a huge mega super star who rubs elbows with actors such as Harrison Ford (starred as Rusty Sabich in Presumed Innocent), but his down to earth interview revealed a softer side of this lawyer/writer. Such as the tantalizing fact he wrote his first book in his young daughter’s discarded Strawberry Shortcake notebook while going back and forth to work on a commuter train. I will be sure to keep this in mind next time I silently curse my smelly rides downtown on the C-Train. I now realize this precious time could be spent writing the next best-seller!

Although the idea of sitting in a room surrounded by lawyers in the audience may not be everyone’s idea of a good time (insert over-used lawyer joke here), everyone knows legal thrillers are loved by everyone. Lucky for us civilians, we believe all trials resemble those described in books such as Turow’s Innocent, or the latest “Law & Order” episode on T.V. I think this is what makes up most of the appeal of this genre, the reader’s voyeuristic ability to get a glimpse of a life we believe to be very dramatic and glamorous. But when you speak to real lawyers (such as Turow) you quickly learn being a lawyer isn’t as fun as “Night Court” makes it look**. Similarly, authors on tour seem lucky, able to jet-set around the world on someone else’s dime. However Turow was quick to point out that once the interviews are over, you still have to return to the same house you left, to pick up the same life you left behind before the tour began. My verdict? Turns out lawyers are some of the most honest people out there.

*For those of you who are dying to know, the answer was a gracious ‘no’.

** Does anyone else remember this wonderful television show, circa late eighties early nineties?


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